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Our Rating: 9.5/10

  • Loan is offered based on your educational records
  • Favorable interest rate of 12% p.a
  • Long repayment period of up to 15 years
  • Laxer application procedures
  • Offers a grace period of up to 6 years
  • Provides additional services such as insurance

Ferratum Bank

Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Maximum loan limit of up to 20,000 SEK
  • Flexible repayment period of up to 15 years
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Has no processing cost 
  • Offer secured loan
  • Simple application procedures


Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Has no loan limits.
  • Loans are given for diverse reasons
  • Preferred for international student
  • Few application formalities
  • Restricted to specific institutions
  • Relatively cheaper compared to other student loans


Student Loans in Sweden, All You Need To Know:

If your academic journey in Sweden has been full of challenges due to inadequate funds. If by chance you have not known any way out of the financial constraints. We hereby choose to help you up the ladder to your future smoothly.

There are a variety of financial support institutions that are willing and able to help you out with minimum struggles. However, you are called upon to choose the best out of the many variables. 

Quick Summary

What you should know about student loans:

  • Student loans are preferred as they are considered better debts. This is because it has more favorable terms and conditions as compared to all other economic loans.
  • Students’ loans are taken depending on the nature of the course studied and academic levels. It rarely depends on the financial status of the borrowers.
  • These loans allow applications made by third parties most especially when the student has not attained the contractual age. 
  • Other than the major purpose of academic funding, these loans provide additional services such as insurance against accidents and health.
  • Student loans do not limit partaking in other types of loans.
  • These loans provide some grace period for the borrowers.
Types of student loans we can apply for

These student loans provided differ from one purpose to the other. Some have a wide range of services in such a way that other than financing the academic costs, they also provide additional benefits like insurance against accidents and health support while other students’ loans are only limited to the learning and nothing more outside the learning field.

Let’s discuss the extremes of these student loans:

  • Financing a degree can be separated into two options:
    • Loans that are only limited to financing the academic field, include only the learning activities and nothing more. this only caters to the tuition fee and the cost will be charged out of that tuition fee., 
    • Loans extend outside the learning premise and provide additional services such as accommodation, transport, and medication.
  • Study abroad loans: these loans are given to students who would wish to grow their academic talents overseas and would be repayable after the study scholars have funded the students.
  • Secured loans: these are educational loans that are given with the presence of security or collateral. such loans are advised as the lenders tend to give huge amounts of loans with reduced interest rates due to the presence of security.
  • Unsecured loans: these are loans that do not require collateral for security purposes. This makes such loans pose lower limits, high-interest rates, and also reduced repayment periods.
  • Financing of learning stationary and equipment: This includes items such as laptops and other study materials. Financing institutions can provide loans to finance the acquisition of such items.

Student demands are catered to by the nature of student loans. It is important to realize that different entities have different contractual terms and conditions. Therefore, it will be crucial to take time and conduct independent research or converse with the organization.

Financing linked to the educational center

Student loan lenders in agreement with institutions of higher learning have developed contractual terms and conditions for the benefit of students. These loans are more flexible and of preference as they meet all the students’ needs and even provide additional financing.

Students should first consider such loans within their learning premises, to avoid incurring huge expenses while acquiring other loans which do not consider their needs. students should go through the terms and conditions to way if the loans fit their financial needs.

Are student loans cheaper?

Student loans are much cheaper and more favorable as they have lower interest rates, and extended repayment periods compared to other personal and online loans. However, All these terms and conditions will vary as per the agreement.

All these better factors make you understand that student loans are cheaper and more conducive to borrowers as compared to other financial loans.

Characteristics of student loans

Student loans have diverse characteristics of the offering entity, the type of course done by the student, and other factors of concern. It is necessary to keenly analyze these loans to understand their key components which include:

  1. Interest: Some loan lenders provide interest-free loans to students while other lenders provide loans with lower interest rates as agreed with the borrower. for Sweden, educational loan interest ranges from 8% to 14%.
  2. Security: Most student loans offered in Sweden require collateral. this means students are required to attach securities either in the form of third-party guarantors or other financial securities.
  3. Loan repayment period: Students loan have a longer loan repayment period as compared to other business loans. this motivates learners to partake in such loans for academic satisfaction.
  4. Flexibility: Can change to accept varying learning needs.
  5. Commission: Some student loans offered attract a significant commission hence a borrower should consider such additional advantages.
  6. Loan limit: Atudent loans have no fixed loan limit as it varies following the nature of the course undertaken by the student and the academic length period.

Requirements to be able to apply for a student loan in Sweden

Loans offered to students have minimal requirements to meet the approval qualifications. it is not much complicated hence it makes it easier for students to apply and meet their financial needs. However, it is necessary to meet all the required terms to avoid disqualification.

Here are some of the loan requirements in Sweden:

  1. The student applying for the loan should have an approved admission letter from the learning entity to certify the application
  2. co-applicant: the student must show up as a person who is related by blood. this can be a parent, sibling, or any other close relative.
  3. Students should be registered or on going on their courses at the time of application.
  4. Sweden students should be below the age of 60 years before making the loan application
  5. Minors can apply for the loans with help of third parties who can either be parents or guardians who will apply on behalf of the student.
  6. For international students in Sweden, a passport and visa card should be presented to the lending entity.
  7. A letter of acceptance given from the learning institution should be provided. this will help prove that the student is enrolled in a specific course.
  8. Fee structures and all other academic expenses documents should be provided to the lending organization so they can decide on which range of loans to offer
  9. The co-borrower and co-applicant salary slip, salary certificate, and ITR report should be presented to the lending institution.

Can I get a student loan if I don’t work?

Loan lending institutions differ in their terms and conditions for giving out loans to students. some lenders become much more rigid to finance students who do not provide testimonials of employment. This automatically disqualifies such students who are not employed.

Other loan lenders will consider offering secured loans in the presence of collaterals or guarantors irrespective of the student’s ability to repay, the collaterals will stand on behalf of such students and this automatically qualifies such students for loans. 

Those students who prefer scholarship advances should also present proof of the award of that specific aid even in the absence of the guarantee.

This calls for students to only make applications for the type of loan that meets their financial needs irrespective of their employment of financial nature.

There are study credits that can be paid later

Generally, most loans provided to students are long-term and have no pressure on the repayment terms and conditions. This tells students that the loan is to be repaid in future periods most especially when the student is not in a position to repay the loans immediately or when still on their academic journey.

Academic loans are considered good debts due to the extraordinary advantage that it offers to students. Students should take this advantage and settle their academic budgets without fear of inability to meet their debts when they fall due.

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