The Best Personal Loans in Tanzania

Compare the best options on the market and choose the one which best adapts to your day-to-day needs.

Further Blow: Our Guide to personal loans in Tanzania, everything you need to know. 

Standard Chartered Bank

  • Flexible repayment period 
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Scheduled equal monthly installments 
  • One can borrow or even top up a loan
  • Friendly terms and conditions
  • Credit life insurance Favorable loan conditions 
  • Quick application process
  • Loan insurance cover disability, death, or retrenchment
  • Allows debt settlement through the Balance Transfer option

Tanzania Commercial Bank

  • Affordable interest rates
  • Repayment period of up to 96 months.
  • Mentorship programs for retirees
  • Pensioner’s loan does not require collateral
  • Loan insurance cover death
  • Top-up loans are allowed
  • Doesn’t have an age limit
  • Interest rate is on reducing balance
  • Fast approval process 

Exim Bank 

  • Loan amounts of up to 15 million
  • Repayment period of up to 24 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fixed monthly installments
  • Minimum arrangement fees
  • Installments under 40% of the monthly net salary
  • Available to non-Exim Bank clients
  • Creditworthiness considered
  • Stable income is required 

Personal loans in Tanzania, All you Need to Know:

 Check out the personal loans you can get as a Tanzanian citizen in a very short amount of time. This review procedure costs nothing. We at FUNDGECKO work hard to provide you with reliable and up to date information about loans and to explain the various loans you can get to help you make better financial decisions. 

The current market for personal loans

 Read below to know about the current situation in the credit market in Tanzania.

  • The lending sector in Tanzania has been affected by challenges arising from the Russia-Ukraine war together with the residual effects of covid-19. Prices of commodities rose and inflation increased at a high rate.
  •  The Tanzanian government through the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) has tried to Implement an accommodative monetary policy that will increase the private sector credit growth rate. As a result, credit to the private sector had grown to 13.4% by the end of the 2021/2022 financial year.
  •  The war in Ukraine disrupted supply chains and led to an increase in the prices of oil and food commodities. This increase in prices led to an increase in inflation which forced the BoT to reduce the amount of money in circulation in the economy to reduce inflation rates in line with the implementation of an accommodative monetary policy.
  • The Bank of Tanzania determines the lending rates for the country. In September, the country reported a bank lending rate of 13.92%, which was a drop from 14.24% in August 2022. This rate is expected to rise to 15.92% by the end of the year.

 How to compare online loan offers

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of personal loan lenders in the credit market. If not careful, you might find yourself settling for the wrong choice and incur a significant amount of unnecessary fees. For this reason, we recommend that you evaluate the following factors about each loan before applying:

  • The loan amount
  • The repayment term of the loan
  • The interest rate charged
  •  Additional fees such as prepayment fees and returned cheque fees.

Before settling for a particular loan, perform simulations according to your project to find out which loan you need to settle for. Put into consideration the above factors for best results.

How to use FUNDGECKO to get personal loans

At FUNDGECKO, our goal is to provide you with trustworthy, up-to-date information about the various financial products you can choose from. We walk you through these financial products’ terms and conditions as well as their properties. This is to assist you in selecting the financial product that best suits your personal needs. The following are the simple steps you want to follow: 

  • Get a free comparison of the various financial products you might be interested in.
  • Read the contract’s terms and conditions and the small print carefully.
  •  In the event of any questions, clear them by utilizing the FUNDGECKO discussion. You will be automatically redirected to the bank’s website by clicking “Contract,” where our experts and other users will assist you throughout the application process. This will ensure that your application goes smoothly and that you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • We have a comment section where you can give a review of our services to help other customers.

 Why do you look for personal loans? 

Personal loans come in handy in a lot of situations. They are a good option to finance our dreams and/or unexpected situations. Some of the reasons you may need to settle for a personal loan are: 

  •  Create an emergency fund
  •  Start a business
  • Medical expenses
  • Investment purposes
  • Purchase assets for your business
  •  Finance a wedding
  •  Finance your home construction
  • To take a holiday
  •  Help with unforeseen expenses
  • Start a company

It is important to keep in mind that different loans have different terms and conditions. Some have lower interest rates than others and some have longer repayment periods than others. Ensure you compare several loan offers before you settle for a particular one. 

How to apply for a personal loan 

To apply for a personal loan, whether online or physically at the lender’s physical location, follow the following steps.

  1. Consider the various loan lenders available to you then narrow down to a maximum of three. Compare the terms of each of the loans and then choose the one that suits your needs.
  2. Complete a loan application form with all the required data. Include your desired loan terms like the amount, interest rates, and terms.
  3. The third stage is the pre-approval stage where the applicant’s eligibility is analyzed.
  4. If the applicant is found to be eligible, they will be required to upload supporting documents like proof of address, and proof of income identification documents among others.
  5. In this stage, the borrower is given the contract where the terms of the contract are outlined.
  6. Sign the contract. If the terms appeal to you, you will be required to sign the contract and give it back to the lender.
  7. Funds disbursement. In a period of fewer than 48 hours, the funds will be disbursed to your account.

 Requirements for a personal loan in Tanzania 

For you to be eligible, you have to meet certain requirements. These requirements are based on age, income amounts, residential status, and employment terms. These requirements include;

1.  Age- the applicant should have a minimum of 21 years and not exceed the age of 58.

2.  Employment status- the borrower should be employed by a reputable company.

3.  Net salary- the borrower should have a minimum net salary of TZS 200,000 per month.

4. Have a bank account with the bank you are applying with and have a good record for the last 3 months.

5. Credit score- you should have a good credit score to indicate that your risk of default is low. You should not have any significant outstanding loan balances.

 A loan lender can only approve an applicant’s loan application if they meet these eligibility requirements. These requirements help them to be sure that the applicant will be able to repay the loan as agreed. To avoid frustrations, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying for a loan. If you do not, ensure you work towards the same then contact your preferred lender. 

Documentation for applying for a personal loan 

If you want to get a personal loan, you have to show that you meet the eligibility requirements by providing all of the necessary documents. If your supporting documentation is verified, your loan application will be accepted. Because personal loans are unsecured, you must provide proof of income, pay cheques, and bank statements. These are the specific pieces of document that you are required to provide when applying for a loan.  

  1. Completed and signed loan application form
  2.  Proof of income- recent pay slip for the last three months for fixed income earners and 12 months’ income statements for variable income earners.
  3. Employment contract for employed persons or business registration documents for business owners.
  4. Bank statements for the most recent 6 months.
  5.  A recent utility bill- electricity or water bill.
  6. A passport-size photo.
  7.  Credit bureau report- you may provide the lender with this report or sign a consent form that allows the lender to look into your credit report and credit score. 

These documents help the lender to be sure that you will be able to repay the loan and follow the terms of the loan as agreed. It is common for applications to be denied if the above documents are not provided. 

Who grants personal loans in Tanzania? 

The demand for short-term financing has significantly risen over the years. This has especially been catalyzed by low levels of income, the fast application and approval process, the fact that personal loans do not require collateral, and most importantly, the development in technology. To meet the demand, loan lenders have increased. Currently, you can get a personal loan from any of the following platforms

  • Bank entities
  • Credit Financial Institutions (CFE)
  • Private Lenders
  • P2P Lending Platforms 

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of these personal loan lenders. 

Financing through banking institutions

  •  Flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Tax benefits apply
  • Strict requirements
  • Repayment burden
  • Creditworthiness required 

Financing through Credit Financial Institutions (CFE) 

  • Long term financing
  • Installment payment
  • Minimal eligibility criteria
  • Complex process
  • Security required
  • Rigid rules 

Financing from private companies

  • Fast loan approval and funding
  • Simplified loan process
  • Personalized customer service
  • Credit rating is not considered
  • Some have limited services to offer
  • High interest rates 

Financing through P2P platforms 

  • The process is flexible
  • No credit check conducted
  • Lower cost
  •  A lot of personal information may be required
  • Origination fee required 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a personal loan? 

A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan that is awarded in a lump sum to the borrower who is then required to make monthly payments until the loan and the interest charged are paid in full. These loans have less paperwork and their approval process is relatively quick. Personal loan lenders give you the freedom to choose your preferred repayment period. 

Why don’t you give me personal loans? 

The main reasons why your loan application may be denied are either that your credit history is bad, or that your income is low. Other reasons may include failure to meet eligibility requirements, disapproved documentation, or differences between what you wish to use the loan for and the purpose requirements of the lender. Whatever the reason is, the lender must explain why you were turned down. 

What is the INE Form for a loan? 

The Standard European Information is a document that the lender gives the borrower when he offers a loan. It contains the terms of the loan as well as the conditions. These terms and conditions are on the amount, the repayment period, the interest rates, and any other fees involved. 

What is the binding offer of personal credit?

A binding offer for personal credit is a document that the borrower receives from the loan lender after signing the loan. It comprises all the characteristics of the loan in terms of the amount, interest rates, and monthly installments, as well as its terms and conditions. A loan is a legally binding contract and so a binding offer works to clearly communicate each party’s obligations.

 Can personal loans be paid in advance? 

Yes, they can. You may get a large chunk of money and decide to offset your loan amount. You can check with your lender the total amount you need to pay and pay it either wholly or partially. This works to boost your credit score. However, some lenders may require you to part with some amounts of money as a penalty.

 What if I take a loan and later regret it? 

Because the loan terms are unfavorable in comparison to those offered by other lenders, it is possible to take out a loan and later regret it. Before making a decision, it’s best to consider all of your options to avoid making such regrets. Before getting a personal loan, you could also talk to a professional and get advice about the loan you wish to take.

 What happens if I don’t pay back a personal loan?

 When taking a personal loan, everyone always has the intention of paying it back. However, sometimes circumstances change and lead to missed payments and the inability to repay the loan. If this happens, a couple of consequences may fall on the borrower since the loan was legally binding. The first thing that happens if you fail to repay your loan is that you are charged a fee. Your obligation then continues to increase. It is essential to also contact your lender and negotiate for friendlier terms.

 When to apply for a personal loan?

 A loan is a good option if you need quick cash. To decide whether you need to apply for a personal loan, you need to consider if you need the money quickly if your credit score is strong if you will use the money for necessary expenses if you have a good purpose for the funds, if you are on over spender, and if you can afford the monthly installments.

 When to apply for a fast loan?

 Apply for a fast loan if you need quick cash. Fast loans typically have shorter terms than traditional bank loans. The funds in fast loans are disbursed within a period of between thirty minutes up to one working day.

 Wrapping Up

 Consolidating debt, investing in a family pool, and settling expenses are just a few of the many uses for personal loans. Because they are personal, your reasons are your own. Before applying for a personal loan, we would like to help you learn how they work. We recommend that you go through this information to make yourself familiar with personal loans.

 About this page, our methodology 

What this page is for: We aim to help you find the best credit facilities for your needs. So, we want to show you what personal loans are, their differences and similarities, the deals offering the best value, and how to choose the best deal. We do this by evaluating and rating loan products. We keep updating the information on our website to ensure you access the most recent information.

 Source: The information herein has been sourced from Tanzania’s Ministry of Finance and Planning portal, Bank of Tanzania data, bank and financial institutions websites, and other sources.

 Methodology: The data relating to the conditions of these products (amount, term, interest, etc.) have been obtained through online research and consultation of the official statistics of the aforementioned reference sources

 About FUNDGECKO: We are an online comparison website. Our goal is to make it easy for users to apply for loans by comparing the best options available and providing them with the information they need in advance.Note: the services we offer are totally free for the user, as FUNDGECKO obtains its income from advertising and its featured products.

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