Bunq Portugal: Bank Account Review

Best for Sustainable Investing

✔️ Great for choosing how your money is invested
✔️ Very advanced money management features
✔️ In English
✔️ Only worth it with higher tiers that cost a monthly fee

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Bunq Bank Review

Bunq is another one of the up-and-coming digital banks. Founded in 2015, this Dutch Bank is similar to N26 with its 3 tiers of accounts (Travel, Premium, and SuperGreen) and helpful interface and support. 

Besides online banking, it has extra unique features in creating sub-accounts and budgeting. 

It automates a lot of things like its auto-save feature that rounds up payments to the nearest euro and deposits that money into specific sub-accounts. Or other things like automatic payment of invoices via scanning, making life a lot easier for you. 

You also have the choice of having up to 3 cards of Maestro and Mastercard Debit cards, as well as a Mastercard credit card.

But what really sets apart from the rest is the “Freedom of Choice” in allowing you to choose if and how your money is invested. 

Unlike other traditional big banks that might invest in funds and industries that might conduct unsustainable practices, with Bunq you can have more say in where your money is invested. 

If you go for the highest tier of the SuperGreen card, on top of its advanced money management features, you also make the world greener by planting a tree every time you spend €100.

Bunq Bottom Line: 

Bunq is a great option for those who want advanced features in the management of your money and how it is used sustainably. It also has some of the best ratings in customer service and satisfaction. 

It is worth noting the downside that if you use the most basic free Travel Card plan, the number of features you have access to is really restricted. There are even fees for services such as a €0.99 fee for ATM withdrawals using the basic Travel Card plan. 

So to really bring out the best of Bunq and its free great features, you will need to upgrade to one of the higher tiers and have to pay a monthly fee.

Also, Bunq will generally provide you with a Dutch IBAN which may cause some issues when signing up to register for certain things like a phone or internet plan.

But, the law states that Portuguese businesses must accept any valid IBANs from an EU country. So if you encounter any problems or issues inputting your IBAN in an online form, a quick call or email will usually solve your problems.

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