Millennium BCP Portugal: Bank Account Review

Best Traditional Brick and Mortar

✔️ Massive Network of ATMs and physical branches
✔️ Wide offerings of accounts available, easy to find one suited to you
✔️ Access to more complex financial services for your needs
✔️ Very low fees, great for foreigners and young adults
✔️ Gives you a Portuguese IBAN

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Millennium BCP Bank Review

For those of you who don’t want to handle all of your banking and finances online on your laptop or phone, then Millennium BCP is one of the best choices for you. 

As the largest bank in Portugal, they have one of the best reputations in the country. Their ATM and physical branch network are absolutely massive, making sure you’ll never have any issues finding them and accessing their services in any urban center in the country.

They also have many different types and tiers of accounts available, making it easy to find one that best fits you and your needs. 

Their offerings are especially friendly to younger adults and students, often giving you access to their whole range of benefits of a current account for no cost at all.

As expected with a traditional bank, unlike the previous banks on this list, with Millennium BCP you’ll also be able to access more complex financial services such as savings accounts, mortgages, loans, etc. 

Making it a great candidate if you want all your financial needs to be serviced by one bank. So that you don’t have the headache of dealing with multiple banks.

Also, as part of their expanded list of offerings, they’re extremely open to non-residents as well, with great English support and benefits for expats that make it an attractive place to bank with at a very low cost.

Millennium BCP Bottom Line:

Millennium BCP ends up being a great choice overall as a bank in Portugal, with all the warm physical services you would expect to find at a traditional bank. 

Their massive ATM and branch network grants you the best access to cash and support for anything you might need versus all the other traditional banks in Portugal. 

Combine this with a stellar reputation and great customer satisfaction, this is definitely a hard bank to beat in the traditional banking landscape.

The only real downside could be that even though the accounts offered come at a very low cost, given it still maintains physical branches, their accounts don’t come completely free of maintenance costs. 

On this note, it might definitely be worth checking out their subsidiary bank ActivoBank, which is actually the next recommended bank on this list.

You’re also given a dedicated priority phone line so you can call them to sort out any questions you have immediately. 

Whilst some people might think N26 Metal is a bit ‘extra’ for most normal people above the N26 You, given the relatively cheap price tag versus the benefits, its actually a very attractive bank account tier to go for. 

Of course, which one of the 3 tiers of accounts best fits you personally is up to you decide. 

If you want the most basic version there is, the standard N26 account works best. 

For more dedicated features, offers and support for those who might like to travel with extra perks and benefits, N26 You and N26 Metal are definitely the best for you. 

N26 Bottom line: 

N26 is definitely the best digital bank to use for travelers and people who aren’t super comfortable with Portuguese. 

It’s very simple to use and has the best digital app interface there is. And with the higher tiers, it can offer some of the best packages of perks and services that you would want. 

The only possible downside is that since it is fully online and there aren’t any physical branches you can visit in Portugal, you don’t have anyone you can talk to face-to-face to help sort out any questions you might have. 

But since they always have online chat support and even a dedicated phone line for Metal customers, you should have no real problems getting your questions sorted out. They are well known for their high customer satisfaction and service.

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