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Further Below: Our Guide To Personal Loans in Italy, Everything you need to know.

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Personal Loans in Italy, All You Need To Know:

Compare the best personal loans online for free and in just 5 minutes. From FUNDGECKO we show you the small print of all the loans on the market, we explain what you should know before contracting them and how to get the best offer.

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What is a personal loan?

The personal loan is a non-specific financing that is part of the category of consumer credit: it is a loan in money for which there is no declaration of purpose of expenditure at the time of application and which allows, therefore, to obtain liquidity to meet general needs. You can apply for a home loan, a motorcycle loan, a small loan for a new car, for the renovation of a property or for the purchase of furniture.

What documents are needed to apply for personal loans in Italy?

To make a request for a quote for personal loans you must be a resident of Italy and be between 18 and 70 years old. The loan is granted following an assessment that examines the economic situation and credit history of the applicant. When it comes to personal loans, the subject’s ability to repay is also assessed, taking into account all expected monthly payment commitments.

Consequently, among the documents required to apply for credit we find:

  • Fiscal and economic documentation that attests to the applicant’s work and income situation,
  • A valid identity document
  • Your tax code.

It is essential to prioritize the loan proposals also based on their profession: there are in fact differentiated offers for public employees, government employees and obviously private employees, but also loans for military, retired INPS or INPDAP, professionals and self-employed.

Personal loan offers in Italy

The offers of personal loans proposed by Italian financial institutions vary depending on the type of financing required: to find the best proposal you need to pay attention to 2 elements:

  • Loan duration
  • Loan rates proposed by the credit institution (TAN and APR)
  • Ancillary expenses (initial investigation expenses, expenses for collection and management of the installment, notification and closing expenses, stamp duties)
  • Ancillary fees are another element of savings, which makes one loan offer cheaper than another regardless of the amount of the monthly installment.

How much does a personal loan cost?

The cost of personal loans is composed of the cost of the instalment and the sum of expense items, for example the rates linked to personal loans such as TAN (Annual Percentage Rate) and APR (Annual Percentage Rate), accessory charges and initial costs (if any).

Ancillary charges linked to the management of the loan include the preliminary investigation costs, the costs of collecting and managing the instalment, those of notification and closure of the file, stamp duty and the cost of any insurance.

Let’s see below an example of a personal loan for an amount of 6,000 euros:

  • Monthly installment: 140.91 euros
  • Fixed TAN: 6.00%.
  • Amount disbursed: 6,000 euros
  • Amount due: 6,786 euros
  • Duration: 4 years

Quotes for personal loans

The personal loan is a form of financing that falls into the category of non-specialized loans; this means that the person requesting the loan can use it for different spending needs, or purposes (hence the term “non-specialized loan”). Among the purposes of the loan we find: car purchase and motorcycle purchase, debt consolidation, home renovation, purchase of furniture or appliances, travel and vacations, medical expenses, purchase of a garage; finally, you can apply for a personal loan just to obtain liquidity (the so-called liquidity loan).

On FUNDGECKO we compare the personal loans of the major financial institutions: make an estimate and immediately find the one that best suits your spending needs (quotes are free and without obligation).

We point out that in some cases, although it is a financing not finalized, the institution that provides the loan may require the customer to declare how it intends to spend the amount, including providing an estimate of expenses: the conditions applied by banks and financial change depending on the purpose of the personal loan. In the loan request it is therefore very important to indicate the correct purpose of the financing: in this way you will always obtain the most convenient rates.

Finally, remember that you can pay off the loan earlier than the agreed term, and that with a personal loan you can quickly obtain very large amounts, immediately available and with repayment terms of up to 10 years, which allows you to reduce the installment to the amount most comfortable for you.

What are you waiting for? Get a free quote now, or check out today’s selection of the best personal loans, updated daily with the best deals.

Personal loan example

TAN from 5.55%, APR from 5.82%, maximum APR 14.85% (legal threshold). Amounts up to € 60,000, minimum duration 12 months, maximum 120 months. All loans are at fixed rate.

Example: loan of € 15,000 over 72 months at a TAN of 5.55% (APR of 5.82%), monthly instalment of € 245.42, total amount due from the consumer of € 17,726.70.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, all of these options are excellently positioned to help you get out of your short to medium term financial worries.

I hope one of my recommendations ends up being your solution.

However, always remember to be cautious with lenders. Do not take out more that you can afford the monthly payments on.

And stay safe.

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