Starling Bank UK: Bank Account Review

Best Overall Bank Account

✔️ No monthly fees
✔️ Awarded “Best British Bank” over the last 3 years
✔️ Access to the entire Post Office network to deposit cash
✔️ Easy integration and access to more complex financial services

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Starling Bank Review

Starling Bank is one of the largest and most well-known challenger banks in the UK, even being awarded “Best British Bank” over the last 3 consecutive years.

The founder of Starling Bank sought to create a bank account that has everything you would want from a full UK Bank account, but with none of the things you don’t want.

That means no fees, no having to deal with physical bank branches, but with all the access to money management features, Mastercard debit card, 24/7 support and easy access and integration with other financial services and products such as loans and insurance.

Signing up with this bank is quick and easy, but you need to be aged 16 upwards and a UK resident.

Once you have it, with the Mastercard debit card you can make up to six withdrawals per day for free (with a max of £300 per day). You will also have access to over 11,500 Post Office branches at which you can deposit money. 

So, this definitely puts it ahead of other mobile banks that have limited access points for you to deposit cash.

Its money management features are also extremely useful and easy to use, such as automatic saving via rounding up all of your payments, instant push notifications when any transaction happens with your account, etc. 

All to make sure you’re in complete control of your finances.

They even have a feature that allows you to send payments and settle bills with other nearby Starling Bank users without even having to know their account details. Which definitely saves some time when you’re trying to send a payment to a friend.

What really helps to make Starling Bank useful is it’s ‘Marketplace’. 

One of the common issues some people might have with challenger banks is that you don’t necessarily have access to more complex financial products that one might want, since challenger banks are usually simplified banks.

But with Starling Bank, they’ve made your life a lot easier by partnering up with providers, granting you easy access to products like mortgages, insurance, pensions, ISAs and more. 

Starling Bank is also backed by the FSCS, protecting deposits of up to £85,000. So your money can definitely feel safe in case anything ever happens to the bank itself.! 

They even have a dedicated Euro bank account to make sure you’re covered if you need to receive or send payments in Euros with a very low conversion fee.

Starling Bank Bottom Line:

All in all, Starling Bank is an excellent option as a bank in the UK, with excellent features for little to no costs whatsoever. It has a reputation for excellent customer service, built upon offering a great product that circumvents many of the limitations that normal challenger banks face.

It provides excellent integration with more complex financial products via its marketplace, allows you to deposit cash via the huge Post Office network, and gives you all the great money management features you would ever want. 

The only downside could be if you prefer talking to someone face-to-face since they don’t have any physical branches. But since they have 24/7 support, you shouldn’t ever have any problems speaking to someone about any questions or issues you might have. Also, it should be noted that it is only available to UK residents.

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