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Further Below: Our Guide To Business Loans in  Cameroon, Everything you need to know.

Atlantic Bank Cameroon (Banque Atlantique)

  • A maximum loan amount of 20 million FCFA.
  • Up to 36 months repayment period for civil servants 
  • Low interest rate
  • Loan insurance
  • Monthly installments suit income
  • Interest rebate for early repayments
  • Fast approval
  • Favorable loan terms

Societe Generale Cameroun

  • Finance projects up to 20 Million FCFA
  • A well designed interest rate
  • Maximum repayment period of 60 months
  • No personal contribution requested
  • Quick application procedures
  • Transparent repayment plans
  • Available to any salaried citizen 

Wineex Bank Cameroon

  • Get financed with up to $10,000.
  • Maximum loan periods of 10 years
  • Early repayment allowed 
  • Fast concession
  • Unlimited loan purpose
  • Variety of consumer loans
  • Fast concession
  • Variety of consumer products 

Business Loans in Cameroon, All You Need To Know

Take an all round view through our guide on Business Loans. FUNDGECKO describes in depth everything you need to know about financing your business, including the best credit options, the prerequisites, getting your credit accepted, and how to choose the most appealing choice. concerning your preferences.

What economic measures has the government implemented for companies through covid-19?

Cameroon’s economy had been threatened, just like that of every other nation, by the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic had already begun to affect businesses, industries, and every sector of the economy when the government of Cameroon intervened with policies that would at the very least keep the economy alive.

  • Liquidity stimulating factors were set in place to boost money circulation during the pandemic. These included an increase in the actual budget set for government ministries to ensure sufficient monetary supply in the economy.
  • Additional financial uplift was offered to SMEs through joint financing to provide loans on a long-term basis using the Cameroon National Funds. This also enhanced postponement of the installment funds paid by SMEs.
  • All social security contributions paid by the private sector were postponed for 6 months
  • The Central Bank of Cameroon set economic measures which included; the financial limit being raised to 100%, a reduction in the discount rate, capital ratio of adequacy being reduced, and the value of the loan on the property being raised.
  • The Cameroon Banking Association declared a 6 months moratorium period on all bank loans. Interest rates and other attached charges were waived.
  • All fees on point-of-sale transactions, all ATM transactions were waived for 3 months 
  • All government subsidies, taxes, fines, and fees submission deadline was postponed to a future date to reduce constraints when making payments

Additionally, the Cameroon government provided educational forums that created awareness of the Covid-19 pandemic and safety measures to prevent extensive infections.

Distinguishing types of company profiles

Your business profile is a great factor of consideration when making loan applications to finance your company or business. Moreover, the characteristics of your business profiles furtherly determine the amount of finance you achieve and the processes involved. Each type of organization portrays a different business profile as listed below.


  • Entrepreneurs: This kind of business has not yet come into existence. Instead, it is merely a concept that has likely been planned for and is awaiting funding to become a reality. 
  • Start-ups: There are numerous requirements for business loans, which can prevent this type of company from always being approved for funding. Physical companies that are just getting started are known as startups. They could still experience issues with sustainability.
  • Consolidated companies: These businesses will have no trouble obtaining business loans because they have a reliable operating system, steady revenue, and a long history of operation. This increases the level of confidence lenders have in financing them.
  • Large companies: their level of operation is either national or international. The financing needs are also huge, mostly in millions of Euros if not billions. For instance the Central Bank of Cameroon (CBC), and the National Bank of Cameroon (NBC) among others. 


  • As legal entities: They are owned by independent experts who may need funding for their businesses. Depending on their stage of operation, their entities may be categorized as start-ups or consolidated enterprises. But the loans their company obtains will appear as attributable to a single person.
  • As natural persons: Personal loans are given to this set of professionals to help them finance their endeavors, such as buying a home or car, among other purchases. Besides their profession, they also receive income from other sources.

Characteristics of business loans 

As explained before, the type of financing that your company is eligible for depends on your business profile. The qualities listed below should be considered regardless of how particular the loan option you choose is because they apply to all loan options.

  1. Cost: According to the Central Bank of Cameroon statistics the average bank lending rate in Cameroon for the year 2022 has been up to a maximum of 4.25% and a minimum of 2.45%. 
  1. Loan amount: There is no specified amount set for loans as the amount given depends on other factors such as your profile, savings, credit history with other lenders, and other parameters that the entity will set. These factors differ from one organization to the other.
  1. Term: Just like the loan amount, the payment period is determined by the agreement and the contractual terms. Big loans tend to have longer repayment periods, running up to 15 years while small loan amounts may have a monthly repayment term.
  1. Purpose: You might desire to grow your company, make purchases, combine existing business loans, pay off distributor debts, or complete significant projects, among other things. These purposes differ among borrowers.
  1. Repayment: Following the agreement terms, you may have the choice of returning the entire loan amount plus interest and any commissions that have accrued, or your lender may ask you to make payments in monthly installments.
  1. Linkage: Your lender may want all the loanees to have a business account with them, a savings account, insurance, or any other related products for you to qualify for a loan.
  1. Concession: Knowing in advance how quickly the money will be issued will help you decide on whether to accept the loan or not because you could require urgent financial assistance. Some lenders might send the money within a few days, while others might need months.
  1. Grace period: This is a period granted by the lending entity within which you can stay without paying back the loan without attracting any penalties. 
  1. Guarantee: For the loans they offer, the majority of lenders want some kind of security. In light of this, the lender will demand “premium insurance,” especially if the loan amount is large.

Where to get business loans

Cameroon is ranked among the average countries in Africa, their financial systems are continuously developing into a more concrete system as well as growth in the banking system. There has also been massive growth in other financial lending institutions which has enhanced competition and delivery of diverse financial products. 

  • Banks: In Cameroon, there are more than 500 banks that offer various products following their special requirements. Your company will need to be highly solvent to be approved for a business loan because most banks prefer to fund consolidated enterprises.
  • Companies and private capital lenders: As the loan procedure is done online, getting money from companies in this category has become simpler and easier. They guarantee immediate concessions, in other words. They frequently charge less than banks for their financial solutions and products as well.
  • Alternative financing platforms for crowdlending: These are websites that let businesses link us up with individual investors. These investors will determine whether or not to invest in your company once we have requested a business loan from them. We will be compelled to pay interest to the investors as repayment. The entire procedure is carried out online, and it can take two days to get a response.

Business loan conditions

Though business loans have minimal requirements for eligibility, borrowers should ensure compliance to increase the chances of approval. However, different entities will have different requirements for business loans. 

Below are some of the common requirements:

  • National registration: Some organizations may need to be confident that you meet all legal requirements (as per Cameroon’s legislation) for operating a business there, whether you are a local or an ex-pat, based on the registration of your company.
  • Annual income: Businesses must maintain account records, annual financial statements, and annual reports following Cameroon legislation. Your lender may require this information to assess the viability of your enterprise and ultimately choose whether to grant you the credit you are applying for.
  • The seniority of the company: Many lenders are hesitant to lend to companies that have been operating for less than a year. Nevertheless, if your company is only a few months old or just getting off the ground, you might be able to locate alternative financing solutions.
  • Credit history: Before a lender approves a loan application, they will check with the different credit bureaus in Cameroon to establish whether your name or business has a poor credit history.

Always read through the contractual terms to provide all the requirements as some organizations may demand more than the above stated parameter.

Documents needed to get funding

  • VAT return from the previous year and the current year.
  • Income tax return.
  • Article or memorandum of association.
  • Bank statement (if in another bank).
  • An updated balance sheet of the company’s turnover.
  • Property lease agreement for security.
  • Proof of payment of Corporate Tax.

You might be required to send the documents online, via mail, courier, or deliver them in person. Some entities might require more or less documentation.

Other forms of financing for companies

  1. Business credit lines

With commercial lines of credit, the borrower can withdraw cash as needed until their credit limit is reached. The borrower will not pay back the whole amount of the loan; rather, they will only pay back the amount they have withdrawn plus any applicable interest. This product is provided by many lenders in Cameroon.

  1. Factoring

The lender pays for our invoices to one or more suppliers under this sort of financing for SMEs. The provider will then want us to pay the bill in whole (with interest), in part, or over time.

  1. P2B or crowdlending loans

A private lender may choose through an internet platform to invest in our company or may choose not to for a variety of reasons. When you contrast one platform with another, you’ll notice that the services differ depending on the loan amount and the terms and conditions.

  1. Loans with mortgage guarantee

With these loans, we can only receive funding if we can provide real estate (a mortgage) to be utilized as a guarantee. Due to the lengthy appraisal procedures, these loans take longer to be conceded.

Products to invest in your company

  1. Equity crowdfunding

On this platform, a borrower and an investor are connected. Until our company is stable, the private investor makes investments in it. It’s critical to remember that after providing funding for your company, the investor will receive a stake in it and a cut of the earnings.

  1. Business Angels

Equity crowdfunding and business angels are similar in that a group of investors chooses a company in which to invest jointly. Similar to crowdsourcing, the investors will receive stock in your business.

  1. 3F (Family, Friends, Fools)

The conditions of getting financing from each of these parties are dependent on the agreement between you and the lender. The parties involved set all the terms and conditions to be adhered to.

Aid for the financing of companies

  1. Capitalization of unemployment

You’ll best benefit from this option if you’re self-employed and want to start a business. The capital is issued to facilitate the business ideas generated by the unemployed and to enhance their penetration into wider opportunities. 

  1. Subsidies

Subsidies are majorly made for pandemics and financial crises within the economy. Federal subsidies were issued during the Covid-19 Pandemic and also the government is planning to offer subsidies if the  Russia-Ukraine war keeps extending to its borders. 

  1. Crowdfunding

Through these online platforms, you may get a private investor who’s interested in sponsoring your business or project.

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