The Best Online Loans in Sweden

Compare the best options on the market and choose the one which best adapts to your day to day needs.

Further Below: Our Guide To Online Loans in Sweden, Everything you need to know

1. Ferratum

  • Offers a loan limit of up to SEK 45,000
  • Attractive interest rates of 4 %
  • Favorable repayment period of up to 46 months
  • Quick online application 
  • Convenient for short-term  applicants
  • Loans are offered for diverse reasons
  • Fast concessions
  • Preferred with reliable sources of income

2. Loanstep

  • Provide loans of up to SEK 25,000
  • Attractive interest rates of 3.2%
  • Prefer applicants with stable income
  • Hassle-free application procedure
  • Fast payout
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Loan limits grow with applicants’ credibility
  • Grace period of up to 14 days after disbursement

3. Brixo

  • Get a loan of up to SEK 30,000
  • Flexible and floating interest rates
  • Favorable repayment period of up to 65 months
  • Laxer application procedures
  • Are given for various purposes
  • Fast concessions
  • Applicants’ credit history is not considered
  • Applied with employment

Online Loans in Sweden, All You Need To Know:

Learn how to get an online loan in Sweden for free in 15 minutes. FUNDGECKO guides you in making applications for the best online loans in Sweden. We, therefore, present to you the current offers, how each offer work, and all the required step involved before signing up for an option.

Quick Summary: Mini-online loans

  • They focus on small growing business enterprises, sole proprietors, or individuals with minimum financial needs.
  • They are majorly used to settle economic emergencies that cannot be postponed to future periods.
  • Simple and fast online application formalities.
  • First-time loan applicants have lower loan limits of 1000kr which keeps changing periodically with consumer transparency and creditworthiness.
  • The loans have a high payout, high levels of approval, and  high response within a day
  • Are small in size and hence repaid in a short period.

What Are Mini-online Loans and How do They Work?

Online mini loans are a source of financial funding that offer quick access to finances through diverse lenders online. Mini online loans aim to give applicants who require financial assistance but lack savings solvency. Application is done online using online application forms and electronic Identity Cards. This creates quick payouts, fast response, and minimum formalities.

These loans do not require securities or collateral hence making it much easier for potential borrowers with fixed levels of income access.

Mini loans are purposely used to address small financial needs and short-term economic issues. Loan limits vary from first-time loan applicants to older or more consistent clients. This depends on customer discipline, transparency, loyalty, and commitment.

However, these loans are quite more expensive as they have quite higher interest rates with reduced periods of repayment making them more rigid to borrowers. 

What we Should Know About Mini-credits

  • They are short-term loans
  • They are majorly for small financial and economic needs
  • They have a fast payout, fast response, and timely concession
  • First-time loan applicants have a reduced range of limits compared to older customers
  • The repayment period ranges between 30 to 60 days
  • Are quite expensive due to their terms and conditions of payments

When is it Advisable to Apply for Online Loans?

Online mini loans give a more reliable and convenient source of income especially when we are handling financial emergencies. However, it is necessary to have the know-how on when to undertake these loans and considerations to choose from. Borrowers should take time to survey the economic situation before loan applications using the measures below:

YES, it is advisable to apply for mini-loans when:

  • The financial need occurs in emergency circumstances
  • There are clarity and awareness of the loan conditions, rates, and formalities 
  • The repayment process is convenient and favorable
  • We are aware of the specific costs that await our satisfaction
  • We do not solicit regularly
  • When the need is not recurring

When it is not advisable to apply for mini-loans:

  • We’re not aware of the terms and conditions of the loan 
  • The event or occurrence is not an emergency
  • We cannot trace all the additional costs attached to the loan
  • We might face challenges to repay the loan
  • We would want to be habitual borrowers of this credit
  • There is minimal transparency between the two parties

Conduct some audits on the measures above as they help in making better decisions on which loan to take and at what point we need to take loans.  

How Much Money Can I Get With Mini-credits?

We receive little sums of money from instant mini-credit providers to assist us in resolving minor financial difficulties. With this sort of credit, we typically receive less money than with other loan types. But if you’ve been a consistent borrower in the past, you’ll probably receive larger sums.

New Clients: Up to 1,000 kr

Existing Clients: Up to 50,000 kr

Loan lenders tend to gain trust in potential consistent borrowers. This trustworthiness tends to increase the loan limits, reduced interest rate levels and increased repayment periods which is of benefit to the borrower.

Requirements to Access  Online Loans

Although mini-online loans are easily accessible, it also requires few legal formalities and qualifications to comply with the required standards of the loan application. It would be necessary to meet all the irreducible requirements to create a smooth path towards the loan application and achievement. They include:

  • Danish bank account. This bank account helps to trace your records of income inflow stability. 
  • Swedish residence. For a borrower to qualify for a loan in Sweden you must be a resident within the country’s boundaries. 
  • Must have a bank ID. Mini-online loans are transacted online and an electronic identification card helps presents your profile.
  • Be 18 years old. This is the legalized age though some lenders require the attainment of 21 years for compliance.
  • Previous credit history to enhance credibility.
  • Fixed income:  Borrowers who have a steady income flow have a high chance of getting loans, unlike those borrowers who have fluctuating income sources.

Documents to be Submitted When Requesting an Online Loan

Similar to the conditions, the few straightforward documents needed to apply for this kind of credit must be submitted online. You might email the documents, scan them, or provide a snapshot of the paperwork, depending on the lender.

  • Bank ID to certify that you possess the account 
  • A national identification card for proof of resident or citizen
  • Bank statements show your credit history and flow of income
  • Creditworthiness report

However, most online lenders will tend to ignore this step as online loans can be verified using electronic identification cards only without much paperwork required.

How to Take Out Mini Loans Online Step by Step?

There are steps followed to make an online loan application, these steps include:

  1. Decide on the amount and the duration
  2. Complete the form filling
  3. Send the supporting documents
  4. Review and sign the agreement
  5. Receive funds

These mini loans satisfy your financial needs just at your doorstep. They make it easier and fast to access their finances and satisfy your financial constraints. Application for such a loan is also easy hence making the acquisition process smooth. you are only required to follow the steps above, those steps are further explained below:

  1. Request the repayment amount and due date. We’ll be clear about how much money we need and when we’ll repay it. This amount differs depending on the loan limit offered.
  2. Complete the application. We must fill in the blank boxes on the following screen with our personal information, which includes, among other things, our name, surname, ID, date of birth, mobile number, and address. This information should be accurate.
  3. Verification. The lender will confirm that our information matches up with our bank account using Instantor or another online verification system. Our financial profile is also assessed based on the movements that show up. They will approve our application if everything is in order, and we will then proceed to the last step.
  4. Contract must be read and signed. After confirming that our information is accurate and doing all the necessary checks, they will email us the contract, which we will electronically sign using a code that will be delivered to our cell phone.

The contract will be formalized once it has been signed by both parties, at which point they will issue the instruction to transfer the requested funds to the account number we have specified.

Wrapping Up

Taking mini online loans means possessing the responsibility to pay back as and when expected to pay. Avoid loans that are much more expensive or loans that will make you fall into more huge debts to repay. Bodies offering consumer credits should enhance your understanding of financial loans and how to walk in between repayment and meeting all your other financial needs when they arise.

About this page, our methodology

What this page is for: Our mission is to stand out for all borrowers and help them acquire the most favorable mini-credits at reduced interest rates with affordable repayment periods. We also focus on presenting a variety of information concerning the changing loan trends in financial markets.

Source: Information regarding mini online credits in Sweden, current trends, and regulations are derived from Sweden’s central bank(Riksbank), the chambers of commerce in Sweden, financial supervisory authorities in Sweden, and other credit lending banks explained above.

Methodology: The information on these products’ terms (content size, terms used, interest rate) was gathered through web research and study of official statistics from reliable reference sources.


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