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  • Offers both short and long term loans
  • Provides loans to foreigners
  • Provides big loans of up to CZK 100,000
  • Has affordable interest rates of 7.69% p.a
  • Has excellent financing conditions
  • Has fewer commissions
  • Offers long repayment periods of up to 120 months
  • Available to applicants with stable income
  • Provides both secured and unsecured loans

2. Česka Sporitelna 

  • Loans available to 18-year-olds
  • Provides loans of up to CZK 80,000
  • Has attractive interest rates of 5.42% p.a
  • Eligible only to clients with stable income
  • The conditions improve with timely reimbursements of the loan
  • Loans available for a variety of purposes
  • Offers loans to foreigners
  • Facilitates online application

3. Komercni Banka AS

  • Top financing conditions
  • Offers loans at fixed rates
  • Big loans of up to CZK 60,000
  • Has friendly interest rates of 8.34% p.a
  • Provides a variety of consumer loans
  • Has online loan application and banking
  • Eligible to clients with income only
  • Financing conditions improve with timely repayments 

Student Loans in the Czech Republic, All You Need To Know:

The Czech Republic is one of the best countries in Europe to get a student loan. While it is not part of the Eurozone, student loans are incredibly affordable. Besides, the country has low costs of living, which is why it is a preferred study destination for many students across the world. 

For instance, students undertaking courses taught in the Czech language are free, regardless of the student’s nationality. The country has well-facilitated ways of financing students in different levels of study, including those undertaking expensive courses.

Quick Summary

What you should know about student credits:

  • Student loans are designed to cover the whole tuition fees or a percentage
  • Student loans are considered the cheapest type of loan
  • Student credit institutions will normally ask for a guarantee when the student is a minor
  • These loans can be applied for by both the parent and student or the parent 
  • Entities allow for a grace period of up to 7 years, depending on the type of study
  • Financing conditions vary with the entity and the type of studies
  • Student loans can be paid in advance
  • There are student loans that are linked to the institution of learning

Types of student loans we can apply for

There are different types of student loans, each addressing a unique situation. Since these loans are regulated by the state, they will most likely offer very favorable financing conditions.

Let’s take a look at the financing options offered based on the type of studies:

  • Financing a degree. These are designed to provide financing to university students. They appear in two forms:
  • Loans that only cover the tuition fees. To qualify for these loans, you’ll be required to send the lender a copy of your annual fee structure. While some will clear the whole tuition fee, others may only cover a percentage.
  • Loans that cover the tuition fees and all costs related to studies such as material, stationery, accommodation, educational trips, and transportation among others.
  • Scholarship advances: These are types of student credits taken out for a short time and reimbursed in full. They are offered to scholarship beneficiaries whose scholarship funds delay and may arrive later in the semester. These loans, hence, come in to clear their tuition fees, registration, and other costs.
  • Postgraduate studies. These include a master’s degree, a doctorate, or a postgraduate diploma. Financing for these loans varies as some may cover the tuition fees and other related costs while others only cover the tuition fees.
  • Studying abroad. Whether looking to study a language course, an Erasmus, or advance your studies, these loans advance the amount that should have been covered by the scholarship if it were to arrive as the term begins. Their operation is similar to a scholarship advance. 
  • Specialized courses: such as a middle or higher grade training cycle, computer classes…
  • Financing of laptops. These loans are offered by both big banks and small entities. They come in to help the student buy a laptop at very friendly financing conditions. These are better than personal loans taken out to buy laptops.

Financing linked to the educational center

Many universities and colleges in the Czech Republic have made agreements with financial institutions to offer loans curated for specific courses. These loans are way better than generic ones as they address all the needs of a particular course. Since this type of financing is popular in the Czech Republic, be sure to consult with your school before taking out other loans.

Are student loans cheaper?

Student loans are so beloved for their affordability and low interest rates. However, you want to take an all-round view to be sure that they are the type of loan you actually need.

  • Interest: These loans offer financing at very low interests, between 3% and 6%. In special situations, these loans may go out at 0%. 
  • Commissions: always look out for commissions especially when the financing conditions appear too good. Many entities are fond of placing commissions for these loans without indicating them on the front page.
  • For instance, entities will place a 1% or 2% commission for the opening fee. The fee is always paid on the first month of repayment.
  • Moreover, you may face an early repayment fee (charged when the student chooses to repay the loan in advance). The fee is somewhere between 0.5% and 1% depending on how early you repay the loan.
  • Binding. Student credits can include some type of tying. Generally, they are free-tied products adapted to the profile of the student like a current account and a card that we will have to use.
  • Be sure to check whether the links you ask for have additional costs or not. 
  • Endorsements and guarantees: These are mostly required when the student is either a minor or without income. The parent or guarantor that has a stable source of income is required to step in and provide a guarantee for the loan.

Requirements to be able to apply for a loan as a student

Generally, student loans have laxer requirements than other types of loans. However, be sure to meet all the requirements to reduce the chances of having your application rejected.

Below are the must-meet requirements:

  1. The account holder must be of legal age. Whether the holder is a parent or student, they have to be above 18 and, in some cases, 21 years and above. However, some lenders require the parents to make the application. 
  1. The holder should have a healthy level of debt. Lenders will check into the applicant’s credit history to evaluate their financial situation. They may shy away from financing a borrower with a poor credit history because that demonstrates the client’s inability to afford the loan. However, if their name is cleared on credit bureaus in the country (CRIF and CCR) their application will be approved.
  1. Have a stable source of income. There are two options for this: 
  1. If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian with a stable income will be required to make the application
  2. The student may be given the loan and be required to repay it after completion of studies. This mostly applies to students undertaking more demanding courses.
  1. Provide proof of payment. This is used to verify the application. 
  1. If applying for a scholarship advance or a loan for studies abroad, the financing conditions are even fewer. The applicant will not need any form of employment or a guarantor because the loans are repaid in full upon receipt of the scholarship funds.
  1. Be a resident of the Czech Republic regardless of your nationality. The entity will require a resident permit which is either temporary or permanent.
  1. Present a valid form of identity – ID, passport, etc.

The requirements may vary depending on the type of studies we pursue or the entity.

Can I get a student loan if I don’t work?

This depends on the type of studies you undertake and the entity’s financing conditions. The lender may require that you provide a guarantor in case you are a minor or unemployed. The guarantor, who is either a parent or guardian, will be required to have a stable income that provides a guarantee for the credit. 

However, as entities’ requirements vary, some may require only one account holder. In this case, the holder must have a source of income.

In many cases, students may be required to start repaying their student loan after completing their studies. The length of the grace period depends on the entity and the type of studies or course of the student.

There are study credits that can be paid later

Many entities providing student credits allow the applicants to repay the loan after the time of their studies when they have some employment. Some entities provide grace periods of up to 7 years. This allows the student to focus on studies without having to worry about repayment of the loan. 

This credit is a form of good debt because it helps improve the financial situation of the student as they repay the loan when they are employed professionals yet they took it out when they were minors.

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