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1. Lendo

  • Provide loans to a limit of  500,000kr
  • Attractive interest rates of 3.5%
  • Repayment period of up to 12 years
  • Easy application procedures
  • Unlimited loan purpose
  • A fast payout on approval 
  • Unsecured loans 

2. Paymark loan

  • Provide loans to a limit of up to 150,000kr
  • Attractive interest rate of 11.94% p.a
  • Repayment period of up to 10 years
  • Unsecured loans 
  • Fast application process
  • Less strict eligibility criteria
  • Given for any purpose
  • Fast payout
  • Creditworthy borrowers are given loans

3. Sambla loan

  • Offers loans of up to 500,000kr
  • Long repayment terms of up to 180 months
  • Offers a friendly interest rate of 7.23%
  • Flexible for short and long-term borrowers
  • Fast concessions
  • Laxer application requirements than other banks
  • Does not require collateral or security

Student Loans in Denmark, All You Need To Know:

Institutes of higher learning in corporations with government ministries have worked jointly to ensure students are supported in their career paths.  By this, students in Denmark have been offered SU loans and additional supplementary Student loans which will boost their academic journey. Students should grab these opportunities depending on their academic needs. 

Read to acquire knowledge on what you should consider before taking a loan in Denmark.

Quick Summary on what you should know about student Loans:

  • Denmark offers cheaper tuition fees hence a better place to study.
  • They are special credits as their terms are not similar to those of other loans.
  • Minors apply for loans with the help of a co-borrower( parent).
  • Different student loans address different academic needs
  • Offers a grace period of one year or more depending on the contractual terms.
  • These loans are offered with additional financing for activities such as completion fees,  insurance, transportation, and accommodation.
  • Student loans do not limit you from taking other types of loans concurrently.

Types of student loans we can apply for

Other than only financing the tuition fee, student credit offers other support in the study field. Here are some of the areas where the student loan covers in Denmark

  1. Postgraduate learning. Some lenders provide funds to students who are undertaking their diplomas and certificate course within the learning institutions. This lending may either be partial or fully depending on the contractual terms.
  2. Undergraduate financing loans. The borrower has two options to choose from:
  • Loans for  tuition fees either partially or wholly
  • Loans to cover the entire academic journey including learning fees, transport, accommodation fee, and insurance among others. 
  1. Some lenders specialize in offering loans for study equipment such as laptops.
  2. Scholarship financing. Most scholarship recipients who apply for this type of credit do it after the semester has started since their awards come in later. Once the student receives the scholarship monies, the advance is given back to cover the fees and other expenditures taken prior on credit terms.
  3. Studying abroad. This is more similar to scholarships are such students are offered credits at the beginning of their learning sessions and they repay the loan once their scholarship has been disbursed.
  4. There are many financing options for students hence the student should consider the most favorable type that will solve their financial needs to avoid being stuck before they complete their purpose studies.

What to Know before taking out a student loan in Denmark

  • Grace period: A borrower is permitted to skip a payment during a moratorium period without incurring penalties or charges. When a student completes their education, this phase typically lasts between six and twelve months depending on the entity lending.
  • Repayment period: This is the period it takes to clear the whole loan amount accumulative of all the additional interest and expenses. This students loans are long term hence it usually takes a maximum of 15 years after completion of the study period.
  • Loan margin offered: student loans in Denmark do not have a clear loan margin and how they should be handled. By this, a loan margin is the cost of collateral or security that a borrower should leave behind as a security for the loan. It is derived from the agreement of the two parties. 

Lending Institutions Linked to the Educational Center

Some lending institutions have hooked up with education centers to make it easier for students to access learning funds. This type of funding that is connected to the school directly is much-preferred. This is because it eases the application process as it already has your details. These lenders might also offer subsidized rates to create a better connection with the learning institution.

Characteristics of student credits

Denmark offers a wide variety of loans to students and we advise you to always put consideration into acquiring a student loan in Denmark as it has very attractive interest rates which limit your expenditure. There are also attached characteristics that most student loans should possess. They include:

  • Loan amount. Each loan taken should always specify the amount limit for the different courses pursued by the students.
  • Cost of loan. These special loans given to students are cheaper compared to all other types of loans. Since they offer reduced interest rates, their cost reduces making them attractive to students.
  • Repayment terms. Loans should always have a repayment period that is fixed. These repayment terms differ from one student to the other based on a variety of terms such as the course undertaken, and period of study among others.
  • Terms and conditions. student loan lenders should always give clear terms attached to the loan to avoid conflicts between the contracting party. 
  • Commission. Borrowers should familiarise themselves with loans borrowed in case they have any attached commissions.
  • Guarantors: student loans require a next of kin or co-borrower in the case of a minor. This is for the security of the lender.

Requirements to be able to apply for a loan as a student

With the few legal formalities attached to student loans, there are requirements the student or borrower should possess for compliance. These requirements cut across all student loans in Denmark. They include: 

  • The loan applicant should be of legal age of 18 years though minors are also given a chance to apply for the loan through their parents who act as co-borrowers. Students are allowed to take academic loans up to the age of 60 years.
  • The borrower should be a citizen of Denmark or should have nationality proof.
  • The borrower should show that they are currently enrolled in an organization with a degree, certificate, or diploma course that is eligible for loan application.
  • The borrower should prove the financial need by either presenting the fee structure of that learning institution.
  • Those using scholarship grants to finance their studies should prove a commitment to the scholarship to repay the loan.
  • The borrower should also prove that they are making academic progress.
  • For minors, the guarantor’s income proof should be presented to verify that they would be in a position to repay the loan after the study period.

Can I get a student loan if I don’t work?

Yes, you are eligible to receive study money regardless of your income status. Many organizations that lend credits to students require them to repay the loan after their studies. The student must, however, have a guarantor with a steady source of income who can pick up the tab if the student is unable to repay the loan. Additionally, the borrower will have time after finishing school to find a job and return the debt contracted for.

There are study credits that can be paid later

When it comes to repayment, student loans are extremely lenient. Once they can’t afford to repay earlier, they are given diverse options for future repayments. Many student loans are beneficial debts since they always have a grace period following the completion of studies of at least a year or more. After which the borrowers will have generated some income to comfortably repay the loan without accruing further debt.

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