Comdirect: Bank Account Review

Best Online Bank backed by a Traditional Bank in Germany

✔️ Free ATM cash withdrawal from huge Cashgroup ATM network and rest of Eurozone outside of Germany
✔️ Great customer service and satsifaction
✔️ Sign-up process and support only in German, but mobile banking app available in English
✔️ Free and open to any residency

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Comdirect Bank Review

Comdirect is one of the most popular online banks in Germany, with a slight difference in comparison to the others on this list.

The difference being is that it is actually a subsidiary of Commerzbank. Since it is fully online, there are no physical branches to go to but that is not a problem at all. Backed by Commerzbank, it has the same level of excellent service but more modernized and open to non-Germans.

Unlike Commerzbank, accounts can be opened from any country of residence. So you’re not forced to already have German residency beforehand.

The sign-up process, website, and customer support are all in German, but the smartphone app is available in English. Making it a lot more approachable for non-German speakers.

Also, the free Visa Credit Card and Girocard give you the same free unlimited access to the massive pool Cashgroup ATMs that Commerzbank already offered.

But now, it also offers free unlimited cash withdrawals from ATMs from outside of Germany in the Eurozone too.

So this really puts it ahead in being a great choice for foreigners and those who like to travel across Europe without worrying about fees.

Comdirect is also known for being a little less restrictive and more accommodating in profile and credit requirements than more strict banks like DKB. So its slightly easier to open up a bank account.

Comdirect Bottom Line:

Comdirect is a great choice for an online bank with all the access and services you would be offered by a huge traditional Commerzbank.

Such as free access to the massive Cashgroup ATM network inside Germany, as well as have free ATM withdrawal capability in the rest of the Eurozone.

Overall, it’s very open and friendly to non-Germans and provides great services with some of the highest customer satisfaction seen across all the banks in Germany.

The only potential downside is the sign-up and customer support being fully in German.

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