Neon: Bank Account Review

Best Mobile Bank for Swiss residents

✔️ Offers account in CHF with a Swiss IBAN
✔️ Great app interface with nice features
✔️ Requires Swiss residency
✔️ Free to open and maintain an account
✔️ Great Customer support

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Neon Bank Review

Neon is the first big Swiss challenger neobank in Switzerland challenging the traditional banks. It offers a great package for those wanting an app similar to N26 or Revolut, but with a swiss IBAN and an account balance with swiss francs (CHF).

Insured by the Swiss authorities, all who have a bank account at Neon are guaranteed up to 100,000 CHF if anything happens to the bank themselves. This means that your money is as safe as it can be with this bank.

The best thing with this bank is that it is almost completely free to open and maintain.

This definitely puts it ahead of all the other swiss banks which are known to charge fees for maintenance and usage of the account. So, going with Neon will save you money.

With the account you’ll gain access to their simple app and interface, allowing you to manage your transactions and finances all from your phone. 

It comes along with all the fancy features you could want such as automatic categorization of your spending so you can easily see what you’re spending your money. This makes things a lot easier for spotting where and how you can start saving.

To make your life even easier, you can now also scan your bills and invoices to automatically make payments for you without having to input every single detail.

All payments can be done in CHF for free and you’ll get a free Mastercard debit card from which you’ll be able to pay for pretty much everything you could need to in Switzerland.

You’ll also have access to free ATM withdrawals twice a month from any ATM in Switzerland. Meaning you’ll even have cash needs covered with this bank.

Also, the sign-up process is very short and available in English as well as German, Italian and French, making it very friendly to foreigners who have become residents in Switzerland. 

Neon Bottom Line:

Neon is a great bank to choose and is probably the best digital bank that is free from heavy fees that you could have in Switzerland. It’s very easy to use and has great customer service and generally makes your banking a lot easier in comparison to the other traditional Swiss banks.

If you want to have all your payments in Switzerland covered, then Neon is your best choice. You can even get a bonus of 10CHF for signing up with them with a referral code.

The only potential downside is that since its an online bank, you won’t find any physical branches anywhere to go and have your questions answered in person. But they have great customer support so you shouldn’t really have any issues at all that can’t be solved by them.

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