Commerzbank: Bank Account Review

Best Traditional Bank Account in Germany

✔️ Massive Physical Branch Network
✔️ Great access to loans, mortgages, insurance, etc
✔️ Free ATM cash withdrawals only in Germany
✔️ Only for German residents

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Commerzbank Bank Review

If you’re not too comfortable with handling all your banking and money management online and prefer having physical branches where you can talk face-to-face, then say hello to Commerzbank.

Whilst still having online banking and great smartphone capabilities that are available in English, the sign-up process is still in German.

But, they have physical branches pretty much everywhere in Germany. So help from them in-person can easily found.

They are one of the largest and most respected banks in Germany and are known for their great service. They often even offer you €50-€100 rewards as a sign-up bonus as well as compensation for any time you feel dissatisfied with their service.

With their current account, you will receive as Mastercard credit and Girocard. This gives you pretty much one of the best guarantees that you will be able to make card payments all across Germany.

Like DKB, you are able to register joint accounts for two people so that you and your partner can access the same account, each with your own cards.

But, it is important to note that German residence and address is required to open up an account, so you likely cannot open an account from abroad.

Also, you will also be charged fees for when you make cash withdrawals from abroad.

Commerzbank Bottom Line:

Commerzbank is a great bank for people who think its important to be able to visit a physical branch for help in sorting out any of their questions in person.

Also, it is one of the best banks to have in Germany for access to free withdrawals from their massive network of Cashgroup ATMs. Plus, you have the ability to pay pretty much always with the Girocard and Mastercard credit card.

But, since the sign-up process is only in German, and German residence is required, it is not the most open to foreigners.

If you add on top that cash withdrawals outside of Germany charge a fee, it’s also not the best option for those who like to travel abroad.

If you fall into one of those cases, then it’s probably better to look at some of the others on this list. But if not, then Commerzbank is a great choice.

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