DKB Austria: Bank Account Review

Best Online Bank for German speakers

✔️ One of the best combos of overdraft rates and services
✔️ Support only in German
✔️ Huge range of Cashback programs
✔️ Awarded “Best Direkt Bank”

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DKB Review

Similar N26, DKB is a completely online digital bank and is one of the most popular and established online banks in Austria.

If you’ve got some basic German skills or you’re comfortable with using a bit of google translate to help you, then this might be the best bank account there is in Austria.

Setting up an account is completely free and simple to do, but, the entire process form and interface is in German and you need to have residency in either Austria, Germany or Switzerland. However, you can open a current account from any location in the world (except Iran and North Korea).

On top of the online interface and fantastic smartphone application to manage your transactions, the account comes along with a free Visa Credit and Debit cards.

Which is pretty huge since it guarantees you the ability to pay everywhere. Also, DKB gives you free ATM cash withdrawals anywhere and from any ATM.

DKB probably offers the best complete package with overdraft rates and services such as cashback programs, in comparison most to other providers. Unlike N26, DKB gives you the option to open a couples account, in which both account holders will each receive free debit and credit cards.

DKB Bottom Line:

DKB is likely the best bank overall for people who can speak German. It gives you one of the best guarantees of payment acceptance and cash withdrawal across Austria, with a fantastic combo of rates and services.

Though it is worth noting the downside that the interface and support are in German only. Also, to make sure your withdrawals and services remain free, make sure your account has a monthly intake of at least €700.

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