ING Netherlands: Bank Account Review

Best Traditional Bank

✔️ Biggest Branch Network in the Netherlands
✔️ Excellent Cashback programs
✔️ Great customer service
✔️ Super simple switching service
✔️ Great mobile app
✔️ Easy and convenient overdraft ability

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ING Netherlands Bank Review

If you’re not so comfortable with doing all your banking online, then look no further than ING. 

ING is a famous Dutch bank with an excellent reputation and has become the largest retail bank in the Netherlands after taking over the post office bank. 

An ING bank account gives you a free Maestro or Visa debit card, granting you an excellent ability to pay across the Netherlands as well as free ATM cash withdrawals from their network of ATMs and service points inside and outside of the Netherlands as long as you are in the Eurozone.

What makes ING interesting is that even with its whole inclusion of physical services, it charges super-low monthly fees of €1,70. 

Alternatively, if you are a young person or student, the monthly fee is automatically waived. 

ING also has an interesting “UPS!” overdraft feature which lets you overdraft your account to up to 250 euros for free. This is really convenient if you encounter short-term problems with money coming in and you suddenly have expenses you need to pay off.

But do make sure you pay them off as soon as you can to avoid later fees.

ING’s mobile app interface is also very well-designed allowing you to access your banking easily via your phone with some nice features to help you manage your money and save via budgeting.

The bank also prides itself on its service which allows you to switch bank accounts from your old bank account to your new ING bank accounts super easily without having to deal with any bureaucratic paperwork and letters.

Also, ING has an excellent array of cashback programs so if you make purchases with any of their partners, so you’ll definitely be saving quite a lot of money. 

Finally, since it is a traditional bank in the Netherlands, you’ll have access to all its more complex financial services such as savings accounts, loans, mortgages, etc. Making it a great candidate if you want all your banking services done at the same bank.

ING Bottom Line: 

Overall ING is another excellent option as a bank, however, it is usually only available to Dutch residents. It has a good combo of rates and services at a very low cost (if any), but make sure to read and meet their requirements. 

With their massive network and presence in the Netherlands, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them if you ever need help.

The only possible downside could be that since it is a traditional bank that charges fees, even though they’re very low, they aren’t completely free like other online banks like N26 or Revolut.

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