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    As trading has helped create financial freedom for us here at the Fundgecko, we have decided to build a course to help our ambitious readers get started in the forex markets. We believe all knowledge should be free and aim to empower you to become traders and give you the opportunity to trade forex with an advantage.

    This course will not only cover the basics, the technical and fundamental analysis techniques, but will also go into a successful traders’ mindset and the tools you will need to get started with your best foot forward.

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    We cover everything from the basics to advanced tactics over 50+ easy to digest lessons.

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    We’ll leave everything for free for you to come back to at your own pace.

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    Forex Trading Course Overview

    Chapter 1 – Forex Basics

    Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of the foreign exchange markets. This part of the course is for the absolute beginners who want a foundational knowledge.

    Financial markets can often be very overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In chapter 1 we cover a complete overview of the absolute basics so you can be well on your way to starting to participate in the world’s markets.


    Chapter 2 – Understanding The Market

    As with any investment it’s important to understand what you are getting into in detail. The more you get a grasp on forex markets and what significance they have globally, the better your trading strategies and results will be. It will also limit the amount of mistakes you make as you won’t be acting against market fundamentals.

    If you want to become a successful forex trader, then this chapter is vital to make sure you understand how forex trading works on the most baisc level. This chapter will leave you without any further doubts and will prepare you for the deep dive into working with charts and technical analysis in chapters 3 and 4.


    Chapter 3 – Basics of Technical Analysis

    Every trading will need an understanding of how to analyse price action to find trading opportunities. Chapter 3 will introduce the core concepts of techincal analysis, only focusing on the tried and true basics of techincal analysis that are used by the most successful traders today.

    We will cover the basic approaches using technical analysis and how you can apply it to trade the financial markets.

    Chapter 3 will give you a practical foundation to start finding profitable trades in your demo account so you can start practicing.


    Chapter 4 – Advanced Technical Analysis

    We’ll go into the more complex charting patterns and in depth techincal analysis. This chapter is your key step into forex trading mastery, as we look at common pattern recognition techniques and more advanced indicators that can give you an edge in predicting the markets.

    This chapter will show you the more advanced tactics used by the professionals whilst still focusing on the fundamentals.


    Chapter 5 – Mindset for Successful Trading

    This chapter will make or break your career or side-income as a profitable trader. The most underrated skill is risk management in trading and all traders must strive to master their mindset and mentality. This is arguably the most important chapter in the course.

    We will cover a structure and guidance on how to approach risk management, how to let gains run high, and how to cut losses early. As well as going into managing your emotional state as a trader.

    All of these will have the biggest impact by far on your profitability as a trader and most importantly will save you from tilting and emptying your brokerage account.


    Chapter 6 – Economics & Fundamental Analysis

    This chapter will cover a broad view of how to do a fundamental analysis. We go into what actually moves the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and why.

    We’ll cover how politics and economics will impact price action and how to approach trading using conclusions gained by paying close attention on what is happening in the world.

    You’ll learn exactly why currencies change in value and what causes it. This skillset is vital as it can give you the ability to see the future with good probability and therefore can be a very strong asset to have as a trader.


    Chapter 7 – Start Trading

    By now, you are armed and ready to hit the markets! This chapter will cover the tools you need to get started, however we recommend opening up a demo account early to start familiarizing yourself with a few strategies as we go through the course as well as running a few practice trades and seeing how things turn out.

    It will be key to start practicing and going through the movements as it is always a significant step to switch to a real money account. However, with the basics covered in this course and a final choice of which broker you choose to go with, you will be well on your way to profitability as a trader.

    Bon voyage! Be sure to stay in touch with our authors on our WhatsApp line for any questions you may have as well as in our email newsletter for updates we may have for you to sharpen your skills as a forex superstar!