UBS Switzerland: Bank Account Review

Best Swiss Traditional Bank

✔️ Huge Physical Branch and ATM Network
✔️ Access to all the complex financial services you could ever need
✔️ Very open and helpful to foreigners and non-residents
✔️ Relatively low fees but not totally free
✔️ Offers account that can hold CHF and other currencies like Euros.

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UBS Bank Review

If you aren’t comfortable with doing all of your banking online and would prefer having a physical branch available for you to visit, then UBS is definitely the best choice.

Having a reputation built upon being the oldest and biggest wealth manager in the world, UBS offers probably one of the largest, if not the largest, networks of physical branches in Switzerland.

So it’s pretty easy to find them and ask any questions you might have. Usually, all of their branches will have staff that speak English, so they’re very welcoming to foreigners who might not speak French or German. 

UBS gives you the choice to hold your account balance in CHF or Euros. Which is great for those who might receive income and/or spend in both currencies. 

With their account, you are given the choice of receiving either a V-pay or Maestro debit card, both of which are great and can be used for cash withdrawals and payments across all of Switzerland.

Also, since it is a traditional bank, you will have access to more complex financial services such as savings accounts, business accounts, loans, mortgages, etc. 

So it is a great candidate for an all-in-one bank if you want all of your services at the same bank and don’t want to have the hassle of multiple banks.

UBS Bottom Line:

UBS is a great traditional bank with all the physical and complex financial services you could ever want, with a great reputation to stand on. If you’re not too comfortable with a fully online banking life, then UBS is probably the best choice. 

They’re easy to find since they’re everywhere in Switzerland and you should never have any problems with them at all.

The only downside is that since they’re a traditional bank, they do charge more heavy fees for their services like account maintenance and aren’t very great with international transfers and exchange rates. To reduce your monthly maintenance fees, you also need to make sure your account balance is above 10,000 CHF.  

So if you have an account with a bank like UBS or any other traditional bank, expect to pay much larger fees than with the virtually free accounts at the online banks.

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