The Best Student Loans in Norway

Compare the best options on the market and choose the one which best adapts to your day-to-day needs.

Further Below: Our Guide To Student Loans in Norway, Everything you need to know.

1. Instabank

  • Get a loan of up to Kr 200,000
  • Friendly interest rates of 7.99%
  • Excellent loan conditions
  • Funds are disbursed in a lump sum
  • Fast concessions
  • It is a multi-purpose loan
  • Applicable with employment
  • Flexible repayment terms

2. Bank Norwegian 

  • Provides loans up to Kr 600,000
  • Favorable interest rate of 6.99%
  • Flexible repayment terms of up to 5 years
  • Fast payout 
  • Offers floating interest rates 
  • Zero establishment fee
  • Best applied with stable income sources
  • Has no extra repayment cost 

3. Centum Finans

  • Get a loan of up to Kr 70,000
  • Effective interest rates of 13.47% p.a 
  • Repayment terms of up to 5 years
  • Excellent loan conditions
  • Fast concessions
  • Seamless application procedures
  • Offers a wide range of loan purpose

Student Loans in Norway, All You Need To Know:

Holders of student loans in Norway help you achieve your career goal effectively. Whether a citizen, resident, or foreigner, your portion is well reserved. It will all kick off by keeping you updated on the best loan options available, which factors to put into consideration before signing up, and above all how student loans operate in Norway.

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Quick Summary

What You Should Know About Student Credits:

  • Student loans are referred to good debts as they have better terms and conditions than all types of financial credits.
  • They differ from one student to the other as the type taken depends on your studies.
  • They are secured as most lenders will require a guarantor before approving your application.
  • Allows co-borrowers applications as minors can be applied for by their guardians.
  • Are cheaper and more flexible rates compared to other consumer credits.
  • These loans do not limit your eligibility for other conventional  loans
  • They have a convenient grace period as repayment begins sometime after completion of studies. This depends on the lending organization.

All About the Student Loan System in Norway

  • Student loan systems in Norway have been developing since the 1960s. There has been upgrading of terms such as offering of premium loans for completion of studies, improving repayment terms, and increased grants for full aid.
  • 10% of Norway students study abroad and are offered grants to cater to their tuition fees.  
  • Student credits are considered graduates tax as repayment begins after studying.
  • These loans are made to satisfy both tuition fees and upkeep during the learning period. 

Types of Student Loans we Can Apply For

Loan providers offer credits targeting diverse aspects. Some offer credits limited to only tuition fees while other lenders offer a wide range of other related needs. Let’s have a quick check on these. 

  • Undergraduate degree financing: which is given in two aspects
  • Credits that cover tuition fees together with other expenses such as accommodation, transport, and study material among other learning charges.
  • Credits designed to finance tuition fees only. These loans are limited to only the tuition fee and presenting the institution’s fee structure proves your eligibility for either full or partial financing.
  • Postgraduate financing: this involves funding students who are undertaking master’s, doctorate, or postgraduate diplomas. Finances are offered based on the studies undertaken.
  • Scholarship funding: Grants will always be disbursed after the onset of the learning period. Students who study abroad or who use scholarship programs are offered credit facilities in advance and when they receive their scholarship funds, they repay the amount borrowed.
  • Study abroad funds: Just like scholarships, lenders offer credit to learners irrespective of the course undertaken. These funds are given at the onset of the term and repayment is made once the scholarship funds are disbursed. 
  • Learning equipment such as laptops: Lenders specialize in offering loans to finance study materials such as laptops, study texts, and other study materials. Repayment is done in installments as agreed.
  • Short-term course fund: Some lenders specialize in funding courses that require less time to undertake. This include; computer packages, and accounting software. Etc.

Student demands are catered for in the design of student loans. It’s important to realize that different entities have different services, terms, and conditions. Therefore, it will be crucial to take the time to conduct independent research or speak with the organization.

Financing Linked to The Educational Center

In Norway, almost all higher education institutions and lenders of student loans have created a mutually beneficial partnership. The fact that student loans are specifically designed to meet the needs of your course and fund you in every way necessary, makes them far superior to other generic options.

If you want to know if your school offers these loans, be sure to ask. If so, spend some time reading over their terms of service to see if they’re the ideal fit for you as they are more trustworthy than those not connected to learning facilities.

Are Student Loans Cheaper?

Student loans, most especially in Norway are offered at a cheaper cost as they have lower interest rates compared to other loans and a long-term repayment period. However, all these terms vary according to the lender.

In addition to academic support, the state educational loan funds authority has offered additional financial support to students who are experiencing financial constraints in their studies.

 Norway has exceptional terms for student loans, purpose to undertake your loan here.

Characteristics of student credits

Though student loans have favorable terms, it is necessary to know all the aspects attached to the loans before signing up.

  • Interest rates: Students’ loans have lower rates hence borrowers should focus on choosing loans with more friendly rates.
  • Loan purpose: Different lenders offer loans for specific purposes and they should therefore clarify the specific purpose to borrowers.
  • Commission:  Students should be sure of all the commissions as many loans attract commissions.
  • Repayment terms should be tabled clearly to ensure compliance with all terms.
  • Security: Borrowers should present potential guarantors who will stand as collateral    
  • Binding. Regarding the circumstances of tying, while the credits to study may involve some tying, they are typically free-tied items customized to each student’s profile, such as a current account and a card that we will need to use.

Requirements to be Able to Apply For a Loan as a Student

Significantly less strict standards apply to student loans compared to other loan categories. To avoid having your application rejected, it would be crucial to adhere to all the conditions set forth by the organization.

Requirements for students loan include:

  • Be a Norwegian citizen with proof of identity.
  • being of age. Every loan must have a lawful age-based holder. If minors, parents, or legal guardians must apply for the financing on their behalf as holders. However, some organizations will only support student applicants who are under the age of 60.
  • The student should be currently enrolled in an academic program with proof of admission.
  • Should present fee structure to prove the exact amount of payment.
  • Lenders should specify the periods of funds disbursement as some will fund you in installments throughout the learning period while others will fund you fully.
  • Provide proof of payment. In the case of students using scholarships, they should provide concessions to the scholarship fund.

Can I Get a Student Loan if I Don’t Work?

While some lenders will only lend to you if you can show that you have a steady job, others will need guarantors, who are typically parents, if the applicant is a minor or doesn’t have a steady source of income. However, other organizations won’t have room for guarantors, therefore you’ll be instantly rejected for the loan if you don’t have a stable source of income

In the event of scholarship advances, it is simpler for the student himself (even if he does not work) to engage him without a guarantee as it is necessary to present confirmation of the award of this help.

Yes, you can get a student loan without working, you just have to sign up for the right credit.

There are study credits that can be paid later

In general, student loans have a grace period that varies depending on the institution and allows borrowers to defer repayment for a while. This is what makes student loans a good debt because most students take them out when they’re still in school, haven’t made much academic progress, and then repay them once they’ve found a job and improved their economic standing. Even after school and the students lack the finances to repay, the lending organization are flexible enough 

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