Barclays UK: Bank Account Review

Best Traditional, Brick & Mortar Bank

✔️ Huge ATM and physical branch network
✔️ A great all-in-one bank that can provide you with all the financial services you would ever need
✔️ Good selection of different accounts to suit your specific need
✔️ Extremely low fees, if any
✔️ One of the oldest and most respected banking institutions in the world

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Barclays Bank Review

One of the largest and most respected banks in the UK, Barclays is another great option for a bank you can trust with a solid reputation.

As can be expected with a large traditional bank, with Barclays you’ll be taking advantage of their huge network of ATMs, so you’ll never have trouble withdrawing cash for free.

Alongside this, given their huge physical branch network, they’ll be very easy to find when trying to set up a bank account on-site everywhere you go in the UK.

Also, if you might ever need them, you’ll have access to a whole wide range of more complex financial products such as mortgages, loans, insurance, etc. 

This makes it a great all-one-bank candidate if you’re looking for one to cover all your potential needs.

Of course, them being a large traditional bank doesn’t mean that they’re not modernized. 

Barclays has an excellent mobile banking app, with money management features such as automatic categorization and tracking of spending, flexible security controls, and access to overdraft features.

With this, in addition to the free Visa Debit card you get, you’ll be on top of your finances and should have no issues handling all of your payments.

Also, Barclays has a wide range of various account types with nice offers, depending on what exactly you need. So it’s definitely a good bank to check out.

Barclays Bottom Line

Overall Barclays is a great traditional bank that makes for a perfect all-in-one candidate if you want all of your potential financial needs to be serviced by the same bank.

It has a wide range of various account offers to fit your exact needs, and have a huge network of physical branches and ATMs so that you’ll never have any issues. 

You’ll find Barclays to be especially beneficial for younger adults and students, as they waive fees entirely for such groups.

Perhaps the only downside is that some of their accounts aren’t completely free for some groups, versus some other banks that may have zero monthly fees across the board for all groups.

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