Fineco Italy: Bank Account Review

Best Bank with investment and trading services

✔️ Access to massive UniCredit ATM network for free cash withdrawals
✔️ Access to trading and investment services
✔️ Low fees
✔️ Great app and money management features

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Fineco Bank Review

Fineco is another fully online bank with over a million customers that is unique with its offering investment services such as trading, that other banks don’t offer. 

The account itself is free to open and is usually free to maintain for the first year and for those under 28 years old. After this period it then costs  €3.95 a month. Which is generally seen as quite cheap in comparison to many other Italian banks.

With the current account, you receive a free Visa Debit card. This means your payments should be accepted pretty much everywhere in Italy with no problems.

With Fineco’s Debit card, you have access to free Italy and EU withdrawals of up to  €3000 from any UniCredit advanced ATM. As long as you withdraw above the  €99 minimum. 

Since UniCredit is the largest and most respected traditional bank in Italy. You shouldn’t really have any problems finding their ATMs from their massive network.

A great thing with Fineco is that you don’t even need to use your card and can instead just use the Fineco app on your phone to withdraw cash. Which really helps if you ever lose your card or don’t have one yet.

Instant payments can even be done with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Fitbit Pay. So you don’t even have to go through the hassle of taking out your wallet.

Fineco also has a “MoneyMap” function that automatically groups your spending into different categories. This helps you see where your money goes into and how to automatically create a personalized budget to help you save money and get better control over your finances.

You can also even see on Google maps where you’ve been spending money and with which brands.

Fineco also provides extra functionalities to make your life easier like paying your bills and invoices instantly from the app via scanning them with your phone camera.

But, even though they provide great advertised services, their customer service doesn’t have the best reputation and there have been complaints about how they handle their customers.

Fineco Bottom Line:

Overall Fineco is a good alternative online bank you can go for with its unique access to investment services like trading. Also, it has a decent payment ability and access to ATMs and money management features.

The downside is that it is known to not have the best customer satisfaction and you should make sure you have all your documents such as fiscal tax code and residency papers sorted out beforehand. 

For a more positive customer experience, I would probably recommend you look at some of the other banks on this list.

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